Tall Grass Safari Outfitters offers world class quality and over 40 species from 5 continents to be hunted. The main lodge is over 6,500 square feet, perfect for an individual or corporate hunting group and is located on over 10,000+ acres of completely private terrain for that dream safari. We offer year round hunting in Texas, specializing in rare game from Indian Blackbuck to 30+ Bongo or Nile Lechwe to add to your safari Memories.

Also specializing in the Big Five and rare African game, Tall Grass Safari Outfitters will personally meet with you when you land and help to manage all details of your safari. We offer exceptional game including 45+ Cape Buffalo and mature wild lions. With our personal investment in each camp, you will agree that Tall Grass Safari Outfitters is the premier outfitter.

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Tall Grass Safari Outfitters

Phone: +224-383-4755